Instrumentation Engineer CV Example

An instrumentation engineer’s job requires an extensive knowledge of precedents in the practices and principles of technical related areas. This job also requires thorough knowledge with engineering techniques and instrumentation design, and CAD as well as graphics skills. One is also responsible in planning and conducting independent work wherein it requires judgment with the selection, evaluation, adaptations and applications of techniques in engineering, criteria and procedures. Must devise latest approaches to problems, modify or prepare drawings, calculations, specifications, graphs and charts, and monitor all work for the compliance of several applicable codes.

Instrumentation Engineer CV Example


Daphne J. Cox


80P Glasgow Hills

London, U.K.

Phone: 544-78-777



I am currently seeking for a company where I can fully grow my skills and knowledge in being an instrumentation engineer. I need to work for a company that values and recognizes my talent and profession, and I have a personality that is very adaptable to new work places and different environments. My effectiveness and efficiency in delivering quality work results will be of good use for this company, I hope that you consider my expertise by hiring me as one of your staff.

Professional Qualification


2006-2008: Good & Effective Solutions Ltd., Graphics Specialist

  • Created ideas and presentations to the clients
  • Subjected for the teams approval and disapproval of content presentations


2008-2011: Hot Ideas Intl., Draftsman

  • Served as an architectural draftsman for the company
  • Provided layouts, prints and drawings of projects
  • Made weekly reports of accomplishments of the department



1998-2000: Secondary Education, Glasgow School of Achievers


2001-2004: B.S. Computer Engineering, Imperial College London, United Kingdom



Drawing and sketching

Hangout in pubs with friends

Going to shopping malls


Available upon request of the company



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