In CVs as in suits: The importance of tailoring

When you’re sending out a lot of CVs and job applications at once, it can be tempting to save time by using one, catch-all CV. However, when competition for jobs is high you can’t afford to let your attention to detail slip. Begin thinking of your CV like you would a good suit: it ought to be tailor made for each application so that it fits perfectly.

You may find it helpful to begin with one all-encompassing CV draft, which details all of your relevant work experience, skills and qualifications. Though this shouldn’t be used for each job application (amongst other reasons, it will probably be too long), it can be a time saver when you need to tailor your CV to a more specific purpose. If you begin with a draft like this, you can simply copy and paste some information in each time you need to create a new draft, and tweak other parts to show how you are right for a precise role.

There are many ways in which you can alter your basic CV to make it appropriate for each application. For example, even when it comes to detailing your past work experience the kind of role you’re applying for ought to dictate what light you show this experience in. It could be a case of highlighting some roles over others, or simply detailing how a role helped you to develop skills that would benefit you and your employer.

One section of your CV which always, without question, needs to be tailored to the specific role you’re applying for is your personal profile. You may or may not choose to subtitle it as such, but in any case the part of your CV which briefly explains what skills and experience make you perfect for the role is vital to the success of your application. If you’re applying after seeing a role advertised somewhere, this is an opportunity to address any employee requirements outlined in that advert and explain your potential value. If you neglect to tailor the rest of your CV, at least be sure to use this section to carefully address the needs of each potential employer.

Make use of various different sources to find as many job opportunities as possible: newspapers, agencies, and job centres can all be of great help to job seekers, whilst sites like vacancies for jobs in Sheffield, London, Cardiff, and many other areas. The more roles you apply to, the more you are likely to hear back from. Just remember that an employer will appreciate candidates who have taken the time to demonstrate exactly why they are suitable for the company and the role: tailoring your CV is crucial to getting you noticed.


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