High School Business Teacher CV Example

A High School business teacher instructs students in the Business at a secondary school level that in turn leads some students to pursue a business degree or improves the student’s career and business skills. They teach the business curriculum such as basic economics, business careers, resume writing, checking accounts, typing and computer literacy skills. Working with computers, a business instructor teaches students about spreadsheets, word processing, databases, and graphics. They are the ones who prepare the student’s business assignments and exam, grade their papers and evaluate the student’s progress. While teaching, the instructor is required to maintain classroom order, sets acceptable behavior from their students and enforces school rules as any subject teacher would do.

Business Teacher CV Example

Chloe K. Clapton

Jessica Green St.

Liverpool D2 U4O

Email: chloekc@yahoo.com.uk

Phone: 89-293-29

Career Objectives:

My aim is to fill in a position in the educational field where I can effectively make use of my interpersonal and communicating skills. I have a specific interest in teaching business school and/or higher education courses. Apart from that, it will be of great satisfaction for me to make good use of my other skills and knowledge acquired through years of study and experience.

Professional Experience:

2004-2007: High school business teacher, Kingston School for Boys

?  Evaluated and graded students’ class work according to class participation grading system of the school.

?  Administered, compiled and graded examinations.

?  Moderated, initiated and facilitated a number of classroom discussions regarding business.



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