Heavy Equipment Operator CV Example

The essential duties for a heavy equipment operator centralizes on construction projects and sites all over the country, by using large machineries drive piles, re-grade land, lay asphalt and so on. What they normally do is they operate and handle heavy duty machines such as asphalt spreaders, pile drivers, steam rollers, bucket trucks and cranes. With these types of heavy machineries they are able to dig large trenches and holes, lift heavy objects, compact soil and even move earth.

The good news for people who are in this profession, their working hours are dependent mostly on weather conditions since the majority of their duty is working outdoors. Sometimes when a good weather condition is on sight or in projects that is scheduled on a tight time frame, all operators may continue working overnight shifts or up to 14 hours each day. These operators normally work independently inside a control area of the heavy machinery, completely focusing on getting the job done accurately and efficiently.

Heavy Equipment Operator CV Example

Nigel T. Campbell

245 Sweet Pea Ave

Oxford, London

United Kingdom


Phone: 354-999-30

Career Objective

I am seeking for the perfect opportunities in my line of work, and I believe that this company is capable of providing me with everything I need to fully grow in my profession and also to further enhance my expertise in heavy machineries. My personality is very friendly and easy to be with, I have perfect eye vision, precision hand control and fingers of high dexterity, I know all of these characteristics I have mentioned can be of good use for this company’s upcoming projects.

Professional Qualifications

2008-Present: All Sites Solutions Intl., Heavy Equipment Operator

  • Operated heavy machineries on large construction sites
  • Provided day to day reports of tasks and responsibilities fulfilled
  • Cooperated with different workers to achieve full speed process of the sites

Educational Qualifications


Secondary Education, Oxford Christian School


Crash Course on Technical Machinery, LSK School of Automotives, Oxford


Read comic books

Play baseball

Go out with friends


Shall be supplied upon request

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