Graduate Nurse CV Example

A graduate nurse is a skilled nurse who monitors various medical procedures, conducts recommended medical examinations and performs health checkups in order to diagnose health aspects of patients. With an effective CV a candidate can draw the attention of recruiters for ensuring his/ her selection as a graduate nurse in a leading hospital or medical institution. A Graduate Nurse CV Example is given below:

Sample of Graduate nurse CV example:


Hannah Simpson

34/ K, Salt Lake Town Apartments, Spencer Street,

Westminster, United Kingdom

Mobile Number: 6112 345 6900

Landline: 5869 349 3949

E-mail id:

Career Objectives: I am a professionally trained and responsible nurse looking for a challenging nursing position where I can effectively utilize my overall experience, skills and knowledge in order to take care of patients.

Career Experience:

  • 2004- 2007: Spencer Medical Health Institute, Westminster, United Kingdom

I have started my career with the aforementioned health institution as an assistant Graduate Nurse.

  • 2007: March 2012: Wellness Hospital of Medical Sciences, Westminster, United Kingdom

At present, I am serving this hospital as a Graduate Nurse.

Core Skills & Abilities:

  • Knowledge of observing, identifying illness, conducting different diagnosis and taking care of patients.
  • Effective knowledge of health care therapies, advanced treatment methods and professional physical & psychological programs
  • Good communication skills in order to interact with patients and their families
  • Sound problem management skills and capability of sensing acute patient requirements

Employment Experience:

  • Participated in the development and implementation of the nursing policies and procedures
  • Assisted the doctors in order to conduct various health checkups, diagnosis and medical tests.
  • Worked as a liaison link between the doctors and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Handled the queries of patients and their families and counselled them where never required
  • Formulated medical records & patient history files
  • Managed hospital data records inclusive of data retrieval procedures

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Royal Medical College, London, United Kingdom in 2004


Can be provided on request.

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