Funeral Director CV Example

The funeral director is at the heart of the death care industry and also called a mortician or undertaker in street parlance.  The job entails overseeing all aspects of arranging the last moments of a person’s presence on earth prior to burial or cremation.  While funeral directors are generally older and remain significantly longer than in most profession, the growing number of aging population guarantees there will always be vacancies to succeed them.

Funeral Director CV Example

Denis L. Tierney

R. du D’Augbagne, Marseille, France

Phone: 0490-765-4343


I’ve had my experience in mortuary services as an assistant to the funeral director in one of the funeral homes in Los Angeles since 2006.  With my taking roots in your country, I am offering my services to become part of the death care industry with all my expertise to bear on it.

Career Experience/Job History

2006 – Present :  Assistant Funeral Director, Forest park Funeral Home, L.A.

  • Supervise the restoration of a deceased person’s appearance for possible display in an open coffin
  • Supervise embalming process on the corpse.
  • Provide suitable transport for the deceased and family from the wake to the final resting place.
  • Arrange for funeral services in the location choice of the bereaved.
  • Maintain a business partnership with local coffin makers.
  • Assist bereaved relatives or friends of the deceased arrange in the selection of suitable coffin as well as the schedule of wakes, memorial services based on their religion, cremation or burial
  • Coordinate with insurance companies and memorial pre-need plans as required.


2005 :  passed California licensing exams

2003 – 2006 : BS in Mortuary Science, American River College, California.

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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