Financial Accountant CV Example

A financial accountant is an employee of a company who is required to provide financial advisory services to the organisation and helping them take financial decisions. He/she is responsible for the analysis of economic conditions and stability of corporations and may also be responsible for preparing reports. Financial accountant CV is a resume of a person who is applying for the job of financial accountant in a company. Given below is a sample.

Sample financial accountant CV example:


Greg Johnson

Contact number: 47240924429

Email address:

Address: D-78, second floor, Potter’s tower, LA

Career objective:

An exceptional talented and hardworking individual looking for a job post of a financial accountant in a reputed organisation which would give me a chance to exhibit my strong points and work for the success of the company and to reach my personal career goals.

Academical details and qualifications:

  • 2003-bachelor’s degree in Finance Studies
  • 2005-master’s programme in Financial accountancy
  • Diploma courses in business administration, financial case studies and economics

Work experience:

  • Worked for Raymond and Henry for 3 years. Awarded the best employee award for 2 consecutive years.
  • Worked as a portfolio manager in Timothy Corp for 4 years.

Skills and areas of interest:

  • Exceptionally talented when it comes to reading and evaluating the economic conditions and markets and hence forecasting future behaviour.
  • Good interpersonal skills and leadership abilities.
  • Excellent financial management skills and ability to work in a team.
  • Can work for long hours and handle different duties at the same time.

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