Executive Driver CV Example

The tasks and responsibilities of an executive driver is to make sure that proper maintaining of luxury vehicles are always done, and should always have a pleasing personality and a courteous attitude towards executives and high rollers. Safety should also be the main focus as the duty of an executive driver is to safely transport businessmen, CEO’s, directors and VIP’s. One should always conduct before and after transfer inspections of the vehicle to avoid having certain issues and problems during the passenger’s travel. Also, one should be perfectly knowledgeable in reading maps and GPS navigators, and apart from that he should always have a good photographic memory to avoid getting lost and prolonging the travel time of the passenger.

Executive Driver CV Example

Ronald K. Wright

34 East Road, Wales

London, United Kingdom


Phone: 566-80-244

Career Objective:

My objective is to be able to use my driving skills for executive and VIP passengers, and to make sure that I only provide safety navigation and defensive driving. I am capable of multi tasking even when driving, I can locate destinations from reading maps whilst driving safely. I believe that safety and security are the two key reasons why people hire executive drivers in the first place, and with my 3 years of experience as being a private driver I can assure anybody that their travel is safe and sound.

Professional Qualifications:

2007-2008: Mr. & Mrs. Lowell, Family Driver

  • Provided daily transporting for the family
  • Maintained the vehicle with proper cleaning and regular check ups

2009-2011: One Resorts Intl., Executive Driver

  • Transported VIP guests of the hotel to their designated places
  • Maintained proper driving and safety measures
  • Provided daily reports of guests transported to the manager

Educational Qualifications:

2001-2005: Secondary Education, St. Mary of the Woods, London

2006-2007: Full Course on Safety Driving, ABE Driving Academy



Race and sports cars

Eat out during weekends


George McIntyre

One Resorts Intl



Michael Lowell



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