Emergency Medical Technician CV Example

An emergency medical technician, or EMT, is the primary caregiver before an injured or ill person arrives at a hospital. EMT’s usually works closely with paramedics that have more extensive or deep training in emergency medical services. A minimum of 2 EMS professionals (1 paramedic = 1 EMT or 2 EMT) travel in an ambulance to an accident scene or other situation requiring emergency transport. In this way, one can drive and the other monitor’s the patient during transport. Basically, the job description of an Emergency medical technician is that they drive to the scene, provides first emergency care, determines the most suitable medical facility for the injured patient and transports the individual there.

Emergency Medical Technician CV Example

Marco C. Wilson

235 High Road

London- Y2E IK1

Email: marcopolo@yahoo.com.uk

Phone: 83-392-12

Career Objectives:

To further make use of my hard earned knowledge and skills in the medical field as an Emergency Medical Technician. I am very confident that I am the perfect candidate for this job because I have excellent skills in recruitment, supervision, training and motivation of teams in varying situations, alert mind and very resourceful. Also, I have experience for tendering contacts. I am a skilled negotiator, experienced running for in-house training for individuals and groups.

Professional Experience:

2010-Present: LifeSavers Street Ambulance

?  Trained and supervised new recruit members

?  Arranged training for every volunteers

?  Arranged mass vehicle maintenance and servicing

?  Attended monthly meetings


2009-2010: Junior and Senior Management Training course, HM Forces

Professional References will be available upon request.

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