Disaster Recovery Specialist CV Example

This job is not often seen in small to medium scale companies and if there’s already a computer or network engineer in the IT department, the role of a disaster recovery specialists can be subsumed therein.  But for large multinational companies with global systems across various geographies, the task can be assumed by the local IT Security Manager who assumes the role in times of emergency.

Disaster Recovery Specialist CV Example

Jerome F. Pickens

Thames St, Oxford, England

Phone:  01865-989-546



I am writing to express my intention to join your IT Security team in providing expert support in disaster recovery management.  Having gone through the ranks in IT Management, I have the professional discipline to easily learn the mission critical systems of a company and put in place a reasonable business recovery system in the event of emergencies that could cripple the business.

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  IT Security and Database Recovery Specialist, Procter & Gamble UK

  • Work with the IT security head to ensure that all data remain protected and accessible to key personnel in times of emergency.
  • Identify progressive priority systems that need to be restored and their respective standard uptimes.
  • Design a workable data and systems recovery system within budget.
  • Ensure that data, data systems, and networks are restorable within agreed standard uptimes.
  • Design and implement systems recovery and business continuity procedures for re-establishing access to databases, and operating systems in the event of a disruption.
  • Perform post analysis of disaster simulations for improved response times in future disasters.


2003 – 2005 : various seminars on trends in database administration, Microsoft

1999 – 2003 :  Bachelor of Science in Computer Management, St. John’s College, Oxford

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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