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The person applying for the post of a director should have the overall knowledge about the sub field he is applying for as a director. A director has to supervise, regulate, manage and control the team of people. A director can belong to any field; say a film director, managing director, tour director, art director, marketing director, media director etc. When we heard the word director we think of a film director. Likewise the company has a director who controls all the company, who is referred to as the managing director.

Director of an organization is the headperson who is appointed or elected by the company. He owns certain powers and duties related to administration and management. Board of directors of a corporation is composed of a group of people who are selected by the shareholders for making important policy decisions of the company.

The applicant should have efficient knowledge regarding the part and should be able to manage and control the team of assistants and people under his guidance. The Director CV should include his experience and qualifications, along with the achievements and recognitions in the work he has professed. It should also include the career expectations and the contact details as well as the interests.

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