Dietitian CV Example

Dieticians plan therapeutic diets and implement the preparation and service of meals for patients in hospital, clinic, or other health care facility. They consult with the physicians concerned regarding the nutritional needs and diet restriction of a patient. A dietician formulates menus for therapeutic diets based on physical and medical conditions of a patient and integrates their menus into institutional ones. It is their job to inspect the meals served for conformance to prescribed diets and standards for palatability and appearance.

Outside of the hospital, dieticians usually advise patients and their families about the nutritional principles like having dietary plans, food preparation and food selection. Inside the hospital’s kitchen, they supervise the activities of workers who are engaging in food preparation and service. If desired they can engage themselves in research for further diet understanding. They can also teach nutrition and diet therapy to medical students and hospital personnel.

Dietitian CV Example

Joshua Ralph R. Watson

Long Millgate

Manchester- N2 2AD


Phone: 83-394-39

Career objectives:

I am aiming to cultivate my skills more by taking a position in a new and better environment. I am food technologist that has all the knowledge, skills and experience acquired through years of study and professional exploitation and is searching for a position in the medical field as a dietician.

Professional Qualification:

2007-Present: Dietician, St. Luke’s Hospital

?  Planned and implemented therapeutic diets to be served to the hospital’s patients.

?  Taught nutrition and diet therapy to medical students and hospital staff

?  Created menus for therapeutic diets based on physical and medical condition of the patients and in accordance with the concerned physician.

2002-2007: Dietician Aid, Perpetual Help Hospital

?  Conducted nutritional programs to assist in the promotion of control of disease and healthy living

Educational Qualification:

1998-2002: Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science, University of Leicester






Professional reference will be issued upon if mandatory.

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