Dental Hygienist CV Example

The primary duties of a Dental Hygienist include cleaning and polishing teeth, aftercare for rendered dental treatments to patients, instructing patients in good oral hygiene habits, providing other preventative dental care, and if needed, work at the chair side with the dentist during treatments and examinations. Dental Hygienists may also take X-Rays; remove sutures, mold crowns & dental prosthetics, filling and other metal restoration polishing, take and record medication lists and medical histories.

Usually, dentists hire dental hygienists for part time work only so one can have multiple jobs or choose to work 2-3 times a week. The perk that many people want in being a dental hygienist is the flexible work schedule.

Dental Hygienist CV Example

Sean Z. Barzahd

Goward St.

London- RS1T 5TB


Phone: 84-390-23

Career Objectives:

To further make use of my skill and knowledge as a professional Dental hygienist in the medical field. I am looking for a challenging position in the Dentist’s office wherein I can provide great benefits in terms of help and income. I am honest, reliable and a fast learner. As a dental hygienist my expertise lies in critical thinking and the ability to evaluate projects, plans and designs, creativity and an innovative approach to solving problems, effective assessment and management of time, resource and risk, literate in using computers and highly developed numeracy, ability to work in a team, persuasiveness and interpersonal sensitivity, and clear oral & written communication skills.

Professional Experience:

2006-2009: Dental Hygienist, Pearl Whites Group of Dentists, Inc.

?  Executed standard dental therapist duties with efficiency

2005-2006: Dental Hygienist, Smile Tooth Clinic

?  Visited and treated patients who were physically and mentally disabled.

Educational Qualification:

2003-2005: Diploma in Dental Hygiene, University of South West England

Professional Reference:

References will be available if requested to be issued.

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