Delivery Driver CV Example

A delivery driver CV is the CV of an individual who wants to work in the position of a delivery driver in an organization. A delivery driver needs to deliver goods or products of an organization from one place to another and the work type requires the individual to do lots of travelling. The CV of a deliver driver must showcase his experience, skill sets as well as educational qualifications.


Sample Delivery driver CV example


Personal information:

Name: Tom Moody

Residential address: 67 Universal Lane

North Dakota, New Carolina 7890

Home contact number: 89765

Mobile number: 43567

E mail id:



Educational Qualification:


  • Finished higher secondary schooling from New Carolina High School in the year 2001
  • Certificate in Driver’s training from Finishing Driver’s School in the year 2005
  • Diploma in car mechanics from Technical School for Drivers in the year 2007


Work Experience:


  • Currently working as a truck driver for Coal Supply Limited since 2010. My job function includes collecting coal from the site and delivering it to the factory of the coal. Travelling from one state to another to make delivery whenever required.
  • Worked as a delivery driver for DHL Courier Service from 2008 to 2010.  My job function was to deliver the courier of the customers from the office to the airport.





  • I am always alert
  • I have excellent driving skills
  • Knowledge about careful defensive driving techniques
  • Accurate sense of direction and good memory to remember roads





  • Commercial truck driver’s license from the New Carolina Licensing Authority.


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