Database Administrator CV Example

Database administrators fulfill a special role in the IT department.  They are trained to operate and maintain database systems such as Oracle, Sybase  and IBM DB2 and similar relational database products that support various functional systems used in the company. Even front end web-based browner systems for e-commerce are database driven and require their services.

Database Administrator CV Example

Mary Anne B. Peters

R. du Faubourg Raines, Dijon, France

Phone:  0312-546-9897


I am looking to forward to a more challenging role as an Oracle database administrator coming from an airline mainframe environment.  My consultancy exposure to Oracle administration is extensive enough to cover at least 5 versions and I am confidents my skills can create significant advantage for your company.

Career Experience/Job History

2009 – Present:  Consultant, Oracle Database Administration, Philippine Airlines

  • Ensure high database availability in its inventory and back office systems.
  • Document all database updates and upgrades
  • Provide technical instructional support to systems managers and departmental users.
  • Ensure proper knowledge transfer to users on the new version of the Oracle database
  • Monitor database performance on the UNIX platform and report, diagnose and correct any problem that may arise.

2001 – 2008 :  Oracle Database administrator, Oracle, France

  • Work with Oracle database users Systems managers in the SAP environment  to ensure that any changes to the system is supported by the database version.
  • Document all database enhancements through proper change request procedures


2001 – 2003 : In-house training for computer systems and database administration.

1998 – 2001 :  Bachelor of Science in Computer Management, Paris Dauphine University.

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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