Data Capturer/Website Populator CV Example

A Data Capturer or a Website Populator is a person who makes sure about the number of people visiting a certain website. Also, website populators or data capturers have the power to suggest in making changes about the website.

A part of their job is that they should have knowledge in SEO or Search Engine Optimization and they should have excellent typing skills (50-60 words per minute).

Data Capturer/Website Populator CV Example

Damian A. Watson

M. Nielsen


Phone: 21-810-24


Career Objective:

I concentrate only on my career and will do anything to make my task done as fast as possible. I am also a perfectionist and will not settle until my work is exceptional. Ambitious and hardworking is my main strength as an employee. I am also knowledgeable in using computers and other technological innovations. I am a dedicated, trustworthy and reliable employee.

Professional Experience:

2006-Present: STC Ventures

?  Planned website changes.

?  Improved the website’s population for over 90%

?  Hired SEO writers and eliminated writers that are inconsistent.

2003-2006: Carriol Technologies

?  Made some website changes

?  Hired workers for SEO marketing purposes

?  Trained and eliminated writers

?  Improved the company’s website population

Educational Qualification:

1996-2000: Bachelor’s Degree on Information Technology (BSIT), University of Abertay Dundee

1986-1996: Pre, elementary and secondary education, Brent School







Jessica Claire Oswald

University of Abertay Dundee (UAD)


Josephine Gladstone

University Of Abertay Dundee (UAD)


Clarence Chamberlain

Brent School


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