Dance Instructor CV Example

A dance instructor must have a wide extensive range of knowledge in the arts of body movement; he or she must have the ability to teach kids or any age how to perform ballet, tap, ballroom and other forms of dance. One would have to observe and determines the artistic and physical qualifications, limitations and must plan methods or programs meet the pupil’s aspiration and needs. Basically, a dance instructor demonstrates and teaches various techniques of executing body movements with the accompaniment of a rhythmical tune or an upbeat tempo. An instructor should also stress out the importance of dancing by educating the students about its history and theory.

Dance Instructor CV Example

Edna G. Byrnes

26K Harmony Ave.

Liverpool, London

Phone: 667-09-203


What I want to accomplish is simple, be hired by using my skills and talents in the industry of performing arts. I have all the knowledge with regards to all types of dances, and I have worked with several dance institutions and arts school to teach and educate students of how dance is created and how it has greatly affected the human race. By incorporating everything I have learned and experienced, I can ensure that any organization will be in tune with my expertise.

Career Experience/Job History

2005-Present: Great Moves Intl., Dance Instructor

  • Educated students about the history and theory of dance
  • Shared experiences by participating in all classes involving dance
  • Mastered and taught the evolution of dance throughout the years
  • Made students participate in several dance competitions nationwide



Secondary Education, Beaufort School of Achievers, London


A.B. Dance, Liverpool School of the Arts






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