Criminal Investigator and Special Agents CV Example

The criminal investigator or agent is tasked to establish the real circumstances in the occurrence of crime result to homicide, murder or accidental death. This is done to ensure that justice is done to the victim and bring closure to the case in accordance with local laws.  Integral to the work is gathering material evidence that can justify prosecution without violating civil human rights of suspected perpetuators.  When applying to become a criminal investigator or agent, it’s relevant to put together a portfolio of cases that have been solved under your watch.

Criminal Investigator and Special Agents CV

Manny U. Chesterfield

Steingasse, Salzburg, Austria

Phone:  0650-453-6444


I would like to establish my career as full pledged special agent for criminal investigation in your police force.  I am confident that my 8 year experience in various police forces in the country along with my martial arts skills have broadened my perspective and disciplined approach to any criminal investigative work.

Career Experience/Job History

2004 – Present : Assistant Investigator, Leeds Metropolitan Police Force

  • Provide back-up assistance to the chief of police in covering crime scenes
  • Ensure high level of morale and camaraderie among the police detectives and investigation units in the force
  • Coordinate with the prosecutor’s office as well as internal operations to ensure that all investigation work are conducted within legal framework.
  • Provide expert testimony in any criminal trial in presenting evidence in court.
  • Ensure the highest level of professionalism and ethics in the police force.


2004 – Present: Special Investigation Unit, London Police

2003 : Advance martial arts, in-house training

2002  :  Jujitsu defensive martial arts, in-house training, Leeds Metropolitan Police Force

1998 – 2002 :  Diploma in Criminology, Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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