Creative Designer CV Example

A creative designer is someone who conceives designs that are going to be used to promote or advertise a company, or its product and services. Usually, creative designers are hired in a variety of fields, including print, advertising and broadcasting. There are some creative designers who specialize in commercial design, while some specialize in electronic designing and others specialize in designing artworks. Creative designers are a very vital part of helping a company build an identity and remain profitable.

Creative Designer CV Example

Paulo J. Carmelo

3510 Nelm Street

Hyderabad- 3323


Phone: 34-475-09

Career Objectives:

I am seeking for a challenging Creative Designer position in a reputable company to further improve my skills and knowledge acquired through years of study and experience for the benefit of the organization. I have excellent communication skills, trustworthy, reliable and very efficient. I am a perfectionist and will not settle for only satisfactory results. I am exceptionally skilled in computer application in Arts & design, computer fundamentals, multimedia design and authorizing, multimedia principles, image manipulation application, animation techniques, 3D computer animation and modeling, video editing & post production and a lot more. Also, I am a very fast learner (If there is any need to learn new things).

Professional Experience:

2007-Present: Graphic Designer, Calicceo Studios

?  Worked alongside the company’s senior designer

?  Designed the annual catalogue, maintained the company website,

?  Produced Promotional material like weekly adverts, exhibition boards, posters, merchandise, and leaflets

Educational Qualification:

2005-2007: Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design, Northumbria University

2003-2005: Foundation Diploma in Graphic Design, Northumbria University




Professional Reference:

Professional reference will be issued upon request.

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