Court Clerk CV Example

The position of court clerk calls for clerical and administrative duties in a court of law or sala of a judge.  Routine office tasks to support each case to be adjudicated by a judge are performed including coordination work with bail officer, jury members, the prosecutor’s office, the plaintiffs, respondents, litigants and their lawyers, to mention some.  Other office tasks such purchasing, file maintenance and correspondences are likewise performed by the court clerk.

Court Clerk CV Example

Jeremiah F. Higgins

Dale St., Liverpool, UK

Phone: 76-322-434


I have been a court clerk for the last 10 years in two cities of the country and would like to offer my services to the borough of London as I’ve recently moved to the city with my family.

Career Experience/Job History

2006 – Present: Court Clerk, Court of Appeals, Civil Division, Manchester

  • Prepare docket of civil cases to be called.
  • Collect, gather and secure case information for the Lords Justices’ review and disposition.
  • Contact all parties to the case such as attorneys, witnesses, attorneys, and litigants to obtain information for court.
  • Ensure that the court seal is indicated on all documents and correspondences sent by registered mail.
  • Attest and authenticate judicial records.

2001 – 2006:  Crown Court, Criminal Division, Manchester

  • Ensure all information from both respondents and plaintiffs are thoroughly collected and summarized for review by the court magistrates.
  • Perform office administrative and clerical duties as assigned by the judge.
  • Read verdict of jury to the court.
  • Administer oaths to jury and witnesses


2002 – 2004: various seminars on jurisprudence, paralegal services and UK court procedures.

1998 -2002: Bachelor of Laws (undergraduate), Worcester College, Oxford

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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