Corporate Lawyer CV Example

A corporate lawyer is someone who is specialized in corporations’ law. A corporate lawyer is responsible for giving legal advices to their clients on matters like business laws, tax laws, licensing, accounting etc. Corporate lawyers are also required to prepare business contracts, managing employee relations, processing company patents.

Corporate lawyers need to have in depth knowledge of law procedures, company law, corporate law, tax and insurance law etc. Corporate lawyers should also to have good written and oral communication skills. A corporate lawyer CV is a document that showcases the skills and the qualifications of the candidate.

Sample Corporate Lawyer CV

Personal Details:

Name: Dan J. Brown

Address: 56, Troy Street

Seattle, WA 96102

Telephone: (789)-456-1234

Career Objective:

To consolidate my knowledge and gain experience in the field of corporate law from a leading organization and work towards the growth of the organization.


Tax and finance and Intellectual Property Rights

Education & Training:


B.S in General Business North-western University, California

2002 – 2007

California Western School of Law (BA. LLB)

2007- 2009

Diploma in Tax and financial from Golden Gate University School of Law, New Jersey

2011 -2012

Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights from Golden Gate University School of Law, New Jersey

Work Experience:

June 2009 – Feb 2011– Corporate Attorney Greens Corp.

I was responsible for:

  • Looking into the legal issues of corporate clients
  • Preparing case related documents for clients
  • Advising clients on their legal rights and obligations

April 2012 – Present: Corporate Lawyer at JWT Inc.

My job duties were:

  • Keeping clients up to date about business laws and regulations
  • Preparing documents like employee contracts


2009 -Present – General Secretary of Lawyers Association, California


  • Jan 2013– Appeared in the National Law Journal as the Lawyer of the week.
  • March 2011– Awarded the first prize in Global Law Seminar for being the best speaker.

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