Coroner CV Example

Determining the cause of death is a forensic medical science and is done by the coroner whose job originated in England and who is also called as a medical examiner in other countries. It is in the authority of the coroner to ascertain the cause of death for persons within his jurisdiction as a verdict that is admissible in any court of law.

Coroner CV Example

Dr. Gershwin T. Rumple

Whitehall Rd., Leeds, UK

Phone:  0113-324-5675


I am relocating my residence here and would like to pursue my profession as a coroner in your crime investigation unit.  I am confident that my medical background as a doctor and my experience in forensic investigative work in the previous work will be especially helpful with your team of forensic experts.

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present : Chief Coroner, Metropolitan London Police Service

  • Verify police report that the body to be examines belong in the unit’s jurisdiction and to notify the relatives that an autopsy is to be performed according to legal requirements.
  • Perform the autopsy in compliance with standard procedures and to accommodate special requests from police investigative initiatives.
  • Perform simulation tests on weapons if victim has been shot or is subject to murder or homicide investigation.
  • Perform toxicological tests and analysis of hair, clothing, body tissue, surrounding substances and other artifacts relevant to an investigation.
  • Testify as expert evidentiary witnesses in a criminal trial.


2003 – Present: various in-house and external seminars and conferences on criminology and trends in forensic science

2000 – 2003 : Medical Internship, University Hospital, Imperial College, London

1996 – 2000 : Medical Doctor Degree, University of Brighton, UK

1992 – 1996 : BS in Psychology, University of Brighton, UK

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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