Consultant CV Examples

A consultant CV is a document which outlines the qualifications and job capacity of a consultant. This is a professional document which is in much demand in the professional or job sector. The document must be written in conformity with established rules of resume writing. Since it is a professional document, major changes from the established practice are generally not appreciated.

  • Consultant CVs must be informative. The candidate’s educational qualifications, relevant to the job in question, must be mentioned. Any specialized degrees which lend more skills in the field of consultancy must be highlighted over and above general educational qualifications.
  • The document must incorporate the consultant’s job statement or statement of intent either at the beginning or at the end. This is an important section which provides potential employers with a chance to gauge the sincerity and merit of the candidate.
  • Consultants must ensure that their CVs are attractive. Since they form the first basis on which the worth of the candidate will be judged, it serves well to play up the strengths of the candidate. If he has won awards or worked in challenging projects, these must be mentioned.

Thus the consultant CVs are crucial documents which can make or break careers.

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