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Commercial aviation CV’s are documents typically prepared by individuals who possess commercial aviation license, and would now be applying for some related job in this industry. This particular field of airline services basically involves the hiring of flight operations for customer use as transportation of passengers and even cargo. Considering the type of work involved and the complexity of operations, the candidate requires a thorough knowledge of the respective subject and should have had enough practical experience as well. Hence commercial aviation CVs should outline all such details.

Commercial aviation CVs should prominently reflect the candidate’s inter-personal skills, fitness documents, both physical and mental, and also the social figure and psychological details of the individual. A commercial aviation CV will obviously be much more appealing and eligible if it includes information regarding the applicant’s professional career in the past, his/ her ability to take up responsibilities and manage duties properly. The following points can well be considered while framing such documents:

  • The CV should contain personal and also educational details of the candidate, along with a compulsory document revealing him/ her to be a licensed commercial aviation service provider, having a valid certificate of a commercial pilot.
  • Commercial aviation CVs should outline the candidate’s expertise in daring maneuvers and fitness skills as depicted by the reports of various medical tests.
  • The CV should contain details that will assure the concerned authority or firm that the respective individual has the basic knowledge of interacting well with clients (passengers) and providing them complete safety.


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