Claims Analyst CV Example

A claims analyst should be open to work in various insurance industries such as automobile, home and healthcare. One should be perfectly knowledgeable in accomplishing duties of analyzing different fraudulent claims, to tracking its completion of authentic claims obtained by the insured. He or she should be able to review and analyze insurance claims of different policyholders to make sure that they are accurate and complete. On the duration of this process the claims analyst must then verify that all of the claims is part of its policy and should be covered, and must also inspect the certain damages, then make estimations of the amount of cost for the repairs.

Claims Analyst CV Example

Mary Anne Q. Watts

34L Redford Blvd.

United Kingdom

Phone: 465-999-08


I am currently searching for the perfect opportunity where I can completely use my skills in analyzing claims for a multitude of insurance policy holders. I am willing to work for longer hours and even set up personal meetings with clients to ensure that proper client service is being accomplished. I have good oral and written communication skills which are the key factors that are essential for understanding and comprehending the queries and complaints of people who have obtained insurances.

Career Experience/Job History

2007-2010: Insured Lives Intl., Insurance Specialist

  • Provided hands on assessments with clients for their insurance claims
  • Cooperated with other companies to ensure proper claims are being paid
  • Assisted the company by providing unique solutions and ideas to help improve company stability and revenue
  • Built strong good relationship with clients for further company value



Mid-Level Education, London School of Advanced Studies


B.A. International Studies, Preston University, London


Read educational books

Go out with friends

Play poker


Will be available upon request of employer

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