Civil Supervisor CV Example

Various civil construction developments and projects such as bridges, public roads, airports and railroads have all benefit the public. The person who is in charge of all these developments and creations is no other than a civil supervisor. Scheduling and supervising civil engineers and other worker in project development and design is a huge job duty. Preparing proposal and bids is part of its job, and a civil supervisor’s duty is to monitor and observe project progression and also keep each venture in compliance with codes and in schedule. Motivational and management skills are greatly needed in this profession, and knowledge of all equipment maintenance safety and schedule guidelines is strictly required.

Civil Supervisor CV Sample

Gregg J. Hicks

243 Lantern Drove

London, United Kingdom

Phone: 354-99-404


I am looking for a new work place where I can grow and enjoy my line of profession, I am in need of a new set of atmosphere and an inspiring area wherein I can also use and hone my skills in civil supervision. I am a graduate of business school, took up bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. I would like to expand my horizons and knowledge by applying to this company. I’ll also assure that my expertise will be in good use for the benefit of the corporation.

Career Experience/Job History

2006-Present: Engineer at Work Intl., Civil Engineer

  • Provided layouts, blueprints and other materials needed for on site projects
  • Assisted other teams and division into finalizing plans and strategies
  • Encouraged ideas and insights that became effective in the development of each project and its success.
  • Created drawings and sketches for realty projects for big real estate clients and companies



Secondary Education, London School of Metropolitan Studies


B.S. Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, University of York, United Kingdom



Play football

Watch movies


Will be available and furnished upon request

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