Chief Mechanic CV Example

The tasks and responsibilities of a chief mechanic are to resolve and analyze all types of equipment problems, assist mechanics with resolving and repairing equipment discrepancies and problems. Must have the ability to examine all sorts of automobiles, and can determine the nature and the extent of the damage of any malfunction. Could also train and educate workers by demonstrating proper maintenance and repair of vehicles, he or she can execute this by utilizing handtools, grinding and wielding equipments.

Also, should suggest effective changes with regards to working conditions, and the use of equipment to help increase the efficiency of a certain shop. One should also be computer literate to be able to prepare work reports through the use of Windows Office Applications.

Chief Mechanic CV Example

William O. Dixon

12 Heart Ave, Brussels

Manchester, United Kingdom

Phone: 244-80-5477

Career Objective:

I am looking for a company wherein I can fully use my skills in my profession as a mechanic. I am capable of delivering quality results and my work ethics is flawless, I also have good oral and written communication skills which are needed in conducting smooth and legitimate transactions with customers. I am also computer literate and very well familiarized with Windows MS Office Applications and other computer programs that are essential for this job.

Professional Qualifications:

2005-2007: Drive & Thrive Inc., Jr. Mechanic

  • Assisted the mechanic team in repairing and resolving equipment problems
  • Practiced with different tools and instruments to be more familiarized with other foreign and current parts

2007-Present: Good Wheels Ltd., Sr. Mechanic

  • Assisted the chief mechanic with his say to day tasks
  • Conducted repair and diagnosis on all sorts of vehicles
  • Made weekly reports on sales, log sheets and documents

Educational Qualifications:

1998-2001: Mid-Level Education, York Academy, Manchester

2001-2004: B.S. Major in Mechanical Engineering, Swansea University, London



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