Chemical Engineer CV Example

Applicants interested in this job must be perfectly capable of designing and developing chemicals and its processes for producing certain products. A chemical engineer must be qualified and licensed in conducting research in the beginning of composing elements to help determine the proper way of creating products for any corporation.

Manufacturing of these chemicals must also be incorporated with thorough research and programs designed along with machineries before the manufacturing process can begin are also the key responsibilities of a chemical engineer. One must also be able of performing a multitude of tests and examinations on a certain project to ensure that everything is going according to plan.

Chemical Engineer CV Example

Keith P. Davis

35K Bradford Ave.

Liverpool, London

Phone: 544-809-222


I am a chemical engineer in profession who specializes in conducting chemical research, analysis and development. I am looking for an environment where I can entirely use my skills and knowledge on all areas of chemical enhancement and manufacturing. I believe that with my type of personality and character I can fully enjoy and use my time to generate effective tools and instruments for the benefit of a certain company.

Professional Qualification

2003-2005: Chemists Intl., Intern

  • Further studied the realms of chemical manufacturing and its processes
  • Worked and practiced with different machineries in producing compound materials to use for certain products

2005-2011: Chemists Intl., Chemical Specialist

  • Conducted research on chemicals and other compound materials for manufacturing purposes
  • Made daily reports to the senior specialist of results taken from tests and experiments
  • Provided factual research materials for company presentations and enhancements


1997-2000: Secondary Education, London Science Institute

2000-2003: B.S. Major in Chemical Engineering, University of Glasgow, U.K.


Lab experiments

Read books


Play computer and video games


Available upon request of employer

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