Building Painter CV Example

Professional building painters apply various types of paints and other finishes, such as varnishes and stains, to the exterior and interior of commercial and residential buildings. These painters not only just paint, but they also bid on jobs, plan styles and color with the building owner, and accomplish all the work required and needed before painting and executing the task.

These building painters spend any part of the week responding and getting back to requests for projects. They might only paint just the exterior and the interior of the building, or they also might do all of the finishing and painting for new construction projects. Once a bid got accepted, they meet up with the building owners to discuss and arrange in more detail the textures and color preferred and if there are any specialty finishes. After that, they select the right materials for the job, they mix paint, and they match colors or they may also have the paint mixed automatically at their shop. They also choose rollers and texturing tools like sponges and brushes.

Building Painter CV Example

Rupert F. Bowyer

386 Old Mangrove Blvd.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Phone: 354-99-500

Career Objective:

I would like to use my skill and talent in painting by being a part of your organization, my expertise for building paintings are of the unique and modern taste. I have been a freelance painter not just for buildings but mainly also for homeowners who needs new paint for their homes.

Career Experience/Job History:

2001-Present: Worked as a Freelance Building Painter

  • Painted commercial and residential buildings
  • Worked with other painters to accomplish the time frame of a certain project
  • Gained a lot of contacts with painting jobs



Mid-Level Education, Glasgow School of Learning



Eating French fries

Go out on weekends


Will be furnished upon request

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