Building & Grounds Technician CV Example

The duties of a building technician are to perform activities that are necessary for the maintenance of the machineries, to also assist in all the maintenance of different landscaped vicinity and areas in the physical plant. One should also assist with the watering and trimming of all trees, flower beds, shrubs, grass, etc., and must also assist in maintaining and keeping the neatness of all parking areas and walkways. A grounds technician must also assist in all the general operation and maintenance of all areas within the physical plant, and must be capable in setting up or assisting other workers for special programs.

Building & Grounds Technician CV Example

Chris A. Maxwell

345 Old Country Ave

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Phone: 465-888-39

Career Objective:

I have worked with several companies as a grounds technician, my reason for applying in this company is because the previous corporation I was working for had to downsize their manpower, and sad to say I was one of the many workers who got booted out. I have perfect skills in all areas of building and grounds technicality, and I would like to fully maximize my working hours by doing late night shifts and overtime work. I am more than willing and prepared to be a part of this company.

Career Experience/Job History:

2002-2011: Package Locale Intl, Building and Grounds Technician

  • Assisted in maintaining the vicinities and facilities of the building spic and span
  • Provided assistance in setting up large conferences and stage productions for corporate functions and events
  • Attended to immediate needs and instances that occurs within the premises of the building


Secondary Education, St. Joseph of the Parish School


Going to malls

Strolling at the park



Available upon request

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