BPO Operations Head CV Example

After the transfer of onshore business operations to the low-labor cost country, the offshore BPO operations will require an operational head which can be a manager or a director depending on the extent of the offshored operations.  He or she can be local to either the onshore or offshore country. Some are simple 15-20 staff BPO operations to be headed by the same management rank as the dismantled onshore operation.  Some could be entire departments requiring a higher ranking BPO senior manager of director.

BPO Operations Head CV Example

Susan F. Teasdale

Hollybush Row, Oxford, UK

Phone:  01865-522-554

teasdale 85@ycmail.com


I would like to be privileged to work with you as a BPO operations head and I don’t being relocated in a third world country. After having been the lead supervisor in a large car assembly factory in the Midlands, I am sure to bring with me more than 10 years worth of experience in managing a team with a diverse ethnicity as I enjoy dealing with people, regardless of race.

Career Experience/Job History

2004 – 2009 :  Shift Supervisor,  Land Rover, Solihull

  • Ensure seamless turnover of production schedules from regular hours to night shift and maintain undisrupted assembly workflow
  • Provide production report detailing compliance with performance metrics and production output standards
  • Regularly meet with shop personnel for concerns and issues on the production floor.
  • Ensure that automated systems are in top condition at all times.
  • Maintain complete record for each completely finished SUV for shipment


2004 – 2005

Various in-house people management seminars

2000 –  2004

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Worcester College, Oxford

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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