BPO Lead Manager CV Example

Once a BPO sale has been concluded it is now incumbent upon the BPO provider to mobilize the team that will effect the knowledge transfers between the current onshore operation to the new more cost effective site in another country or off shore.  The BPO Lead Manager is responsible for harnessing the mobilization team from onshore and offshore to ensure seamless transfer that is as transparent to the customer as possible.

BPO Lead Manager CV Example

Jeremy F. Stein

Woodstock rd., Oxford, UK

Phone:  01865-553-898



I would like to take this opportunity to offer my 12 years of project management experience in the construction and IT industries to bring to bear to my application as a BPO lead manager.  There’s are so many similarities and I am sure the project management discipline I have learned, involving marshaling people and resources, can be further honed to carry out outsourcing projects

Career Experience/Job History

2003 – Present :  Project Manager,  Ministry of Public Buildings and Works

  • Ensure that all public biddings for construction projects throughout the country are in conformity will legal procedures and standards
  • Supervise the construction of highways and buildings on government owned property.
  • Marshal the resources and the contractors to ensure completion of the projects within allotted timeframe and approved budgets.

1999 – 2003 :  IT Project Manager, SAP UK

  • Ensure that all project deliverable are clearly defined and complied with as agreed in the contract
  • Provided regular project status updates to stakeholders


2000 – 2005

Various in-house project management seminars and interpersonal communication skills workshops

1993 – 1998

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Worcester College, Oxford

Professional reference will be supplied upon request

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