Banking Customer Service CV Example

As a banking customer service employee, you should be able to provide assistance and information to customers and also have the ability to cross sell products in the credit card centre. One must be able to handle client problems, answer general inquiries and complaints and have deep understanding in the banking regulations and policies. Banking Customer service employees have exceptional interpersonal, computer, and communication skills and should be ready to perform teller work if needed.

Banking customer service CV Example

Allan F. Granger

South Kensington

London TW1 G2H


Phone: 47-384-37

Career Objectives:

I am looking for employment in the banking industry as a customer service representative or Banking customer service employee in a reputed banking organization where I can make use of my abilities, knowledge, skills and experience in private counseling, customer complaints, account retention, sales maximization, and developing new business for achieving the goals of the company. I am hardworking, patient and very specific when it comes to work. Also, I believe that the feature that sets me apart from other people is that I am goal oriented and I am a self motivator.

Professional Experience:

2009-Present: Head Banking Customer Service Representative, Intel Banks

?  Served a lot of customers applying exceptional communication skills.

?  Hired and trained a lot of new customer service representative

?  Accepted promotional offer from Banking customer service representative to head banking customer service representative

Educational Qualification:

2005-2009: Bachelor’s in Banking Administration, University of Glamorgan

Professional Reference shall be issued as soon as possible if needed.

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