Avionics Technician CV Example

The job entails the test, repair and overhaul of avionics section in the cockpit of any commercial aircraft.  The work covers various electro-mechanical and computer instrumentation systems on the cockpit and requires specialized training for avionics specific to each aircraft type such as a Boeing B747 and its iterations, Airbus A300 and succeeding models and other aircraft manufacturers.

Avionics Technician CV Example

Brent P. Farnborough

Wellington St., Leeds, UK

Phone:  0113-767-8867



I am writing to express my desire to work with your prestigious airline.  I have been working as a licensed avionics “A” technician for a domestic regional airline since 2003 and would like the opportunity to share my skills with your in the same capacity.  My specialty is repairing circuit level avionics instruments for the B747-200 along with Airbus A320 for which I have my certificated trainings to show. If you’re interested, I am supplying my CV and would welcome the change to have an interview with your aircraft maintenance head at any time.

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – Present:  Avionics Technician “A” , Virgin Atlantic Airways, Heathrow

  • Test, repair and overhaul avionics instrumentation on the B747, 200 and 400 series along with minor repairs on the Airbus A340-800 and A330 aircraft.
  • Comply with UK-CAA and US-FAA avionics maintenance standards.
  • Participate in productivity and quality improvement programs on the shop floor.

2003 – 2007 :  Aircraft Mechanic Technician “B”,   Ryanair, Stansted

  • Test, repair and overhaul avionics instrumentation on the B737 in the 800 series.
  • Comply with UK-CAA and US-FAA avionics maintenance standards


2000 – 2003

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautic Engineering, undergraduate, Imperial College, London

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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