Audio Engineer CV Example

Audio engineering or Sound Engineering is a profession dealing with the recording and reproducing sounds technically or through electronic means. An audio engineer with the help of technical devices or mixing and electronic instruments produces developed and formatted sounds which create a newer version of sounds to be used in recording and songs.

The audio engineer mainly operates equipment and instruments to record, to mix, synchronize, to reproduce music, sound effects etc.

Audio Engineer CV Example

Rupert Hogward

Mall Street Road


Phone: 76-456-32


Want to work in the recording industry as a sound engineer with my experience of broadcasting, mixing and integrated recording skills. Looking for a good position where I can develop my skills and capabilities. I possess good knowledge of mixing and producing effects in the transformation of sounds. I can use recording techniques effectively and prepare of sound mixing equipments effectively.

Career Experience/Job History

2000-2005: Wave Productions Ltd, Sound Engineering

  • Responsible for maintainence of the recording and mixing equipments.
  • Responsble for recording sounds and voiceovers using required equipment.
  • Responsible for setting up operating  and maintaining equipment that regulates the clarity and ranges of sounds.

2005-Present: Sound Drive Company, Audio Engineer

  • Done recording of music verses for films and soaps
  • Responsible for keeping record of new and old equipments.
  • Responsible for operating machines and equipment to record, synchronize, or mix sounds.



Diploma in Sound Mixing and Management, Sound Studio

Bachelor of Engineering, Engineering College.





Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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