Architectural Engineer CV Example

Architectural engineering is the field of applying engineering principles to design and build architecture. The architectural engineer applies scientific and engineering techniques to construct architectural buildings and sites. This engineering field is more related to designing the blueprint of a building construction.

Architectural engineers are responsible for implementing and developing structure making projects. These engineers make sure buildings are within code and conduct architectural research to accomplish this end in the most cost efficient way

Architectural Engineer CV Example

John Smith

Walker Bay Road

London – 4736

Phone: 87-456-32

Career Objective

I am seeking a good opportunity where I can use my skills and knowledge to the best of the company and its progress. I have a good knowledge base about construction properties and good at modeling architectural designs and concepts. I prove myself efficient in creating blueprints for construction and possess a good personality and healthy relations with fellow colleagues.

Professional Qualifications

2000-2005: Delta Company, Architect Engineer

  • Created reports of budgets and schedules to accomplish the project goals and gather a good output.
  • Carried out work related site inspection on daily basis.
  • Conceptualised designs for the architectural projects.

2005-Present: LnT Company, Engineer

  • Managed payment sheets, training of new recruiter and other requirements.
  • Conducted regular scrutiny of worksite and reports of them.
  • Make sure about the quality of design through out design process



Masters of Science, Georgia College.


Bachelor of Science, Georgia College.




Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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