Architect CV Example

The architect initiates construction projects which may not require a civil engineer for most simple residential structures.  Much of the construction’s success hinges on an architect’s structural and design blueprint, taking into account the materials, building codes compliance, size and sophistication to fall within the owner’s budget.

Architect CV Example

Francis V. Beldevere

Farnsworth, Bolton, England

Phone: 01204-43332


After almost ten years of experience and expertise in architectural design for residential condos and townhouses, I would like to broaden my perspective to cover commercial building designs.  I believe you’re the right company I’m looking for and I’m confident we can work out a mutually rewarding relationship to this end.

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – Present:  Project Architect, Towers Condominium, Plc

  • Work with the building project lead together with civil, electrical engineers, interior decorators and landscape architects in any condominium projects.
  • Meet with site owners and clients with contractors on building design. Material specifications, LEED environmental compliance requirements and municipal building code compliance.
  • Provide civil engineers with the final building design
  • Construct the building scale models and present to client.

2002 – 2006:  Assistant Architect, Town and Country Real Estates

  • Design the look and structural blueprint for private residential projects
  • Coordinate with the civil engineer on complex structural design requirements
  • Coordinate with the interior designer and landscape architects in the a project management team in constructional residences


2002 – Present:  in-house seminars and conference on the architecture design trends and construction developments in the country.

1998 – 2002:  Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Milwaukee

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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