Anesthesiologist CV Example

The job is essentially a physician or a nurse with the proper certificated training in anesthesiology. Classified as peri-operative physicians who take care of patients before, during and immediately after a surgery, anesthesiologist administer anesthesia and monitor levels intraoperatively in patients undergoing surgery. While most surgery can rely on a registered nurse anesthetist, complex surgeries such a those involving brain surgery and transplants will still require the assistance of a physician anesthesiologist.

Anesthesiologist CV Example

Dr. Claire Lamont. M.D.

Rue du Grand Pre, Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: 022–345-2012


I have been working as obstetrician-gynecologist in my private clinic since 2006 and have recently completed additional post graduate course specialization in anesthesiology, with just a couple of year of practice todate.  I am looking to pursue this career as my main line of profession.  It would be great to work again in a large hospital.

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – Present : Anesthesiologist, University Hospital, Geneva

  • Provide anesthesia support for patients undergoing gastro-abdominal surgeries.
  • Mentor nurses planning to undertake certification in to become certified anesthetists.

2006 – Present :  Private Practice obstetrician-gynecologist

  • Perform diagnosis and treatment of diseases in women
  • Provide pre and post natal care

2002 – 2006 : Resident Emergency Ward Physician, University Hospital, Geneva

  • Provide first level care and emergency surgery as required
  • Ensure proper diagnosis and reference to the right specialist as required.


2002 – 2004 :  Anesthesiologist Training, College of Medicine, University of Geneva

1999 – 2002 :  Internship and Fellowship at the University Hospital Geneva

1995 – 1999 :  College of Medicine, University of Lucerne

1991 – 1995 :  BS in Chemistry, University of Lucerne

Professional reference will be supplied upon request

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