Ambulance Driver CV Example

An ambulance driver is an individual who drives an ambulance for a hospital, medical service center or an ambulance service provider. The person applying for the position of an ambulance driver should have fast and tactful driving skills along with a great presence of mind. The ambulance driver CV should be impressive as that is the first step for making him eligible for the job.

Sample Ambulance driver CV example

Personal details:

Name: John Woo

Address: 34 Aspen High Street,

New York, New Jersey 7590

Telephone contact number:  65434

Mobile number:  67823

E mail id:


To work in the position of an ambulance driver in a reputed hospital where I can make use of my safe driving skills.


  • Possess excellent driving skills
  • Very tactful as a driver, which is a compulsory for an ambulance driver
  • Good sense of mind as well as knowledge about various shortcuts in the city

Educational qualification:

  • Completed higher secondary education from Holy Home High School in the year 2007
  • Undergone driver’s training and earned a certificate from North Carolina School of Driver’s in the year 2009
  • Undergone training in the field of ambulance management

Work experience:

Working as an ambulance driver for Apollo group of Hospitals since 2009.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Attending to any emergency call for the requirement of the ambulance.
  • Reaching the venue and picking up the patient from the required venue.
  • Ensuring that the patient reaches the hospital on time.


Possess a commercial driver’s license authorized by Licensing Authority of USA.

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