Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor CV Example

The job calls for a direct supervision of airline ground crew assigned in its freight or cargo build-up section in the airport to secure the staging of containerized, palletized or free standing cargo and baggage to be loaded in a flight.  The job will likewise call the secured unloading of freight from the aircraft for storage as well as baggage for carousel loading at the arrival hall.

Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor CV Example

Jerry G. Lockwood

Farnsworth, Bolton, England

Phone: 01204-34765


I am excited to see an opening for a cargo handling supervisor in your prestigious airline as I’ve been one for the last 4 years.  But more than that, I’ve been working in the cargo department since 2004 in various positions rising through the ranks.  I cam confident that my experience will be an added advantage to your cargo department.

Career Experience/Job History

2006 – Present :  Cargo Handling Supervisor,  Easy Jet Airlines Ltd

  • Ensure teamwork in meeting cargo loading and unloading standards to meet airline on-time performance standards
  • Ensure that all baggage are loaded as reconciled with gate management count of passengers boarded
  • Ensure that any baggage left or misrouted and retried and the passenger compensated
  • Ensure that all cargo scheduled for the flight are loaded and manifested according to safety loading procedures and standards.

2004 – 2006 :  Cargo Manifesting Clerk, Easy Jet Airlines, Ltd

  • Provide accurate manifesting of all freight shipments loaded to a flight.
  • Participate in service quality improvement initiatives.


2002 – 2004

Bachelor of Arts in Commerce, (undergraduate) Sheffield College

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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