Air Traffic Controller CV Example

The job calls for managing air traffic within the within the aerodome vicinity of airport as well as ensure safe movement of air traffic between designated altitude sectors according to established air traffic policies and procedures.  The air traffic controller is empowered to authorize take off and landings and basically control the movement of commercial airline flights in compliance with government regulations for the safety of passengers and optimum use of landing and airport resources.

Air Traffic Controller CV Example

Leslie V. Vernon

Hanover St, Liverpool, England

Phone:  0151-454-8979


With more than a decade in my present capacity as air controller in the Luton airport, I would like to express my intention to work with the country’s major international airport this time and offer my skills and expertise in the same position.

Career Experience/Job History

2004 – Present :  Senor Air Controller, Luton Airport

  • Manage the Luton aerodome traffic to ensure safe flight and optimum resource utilization of the airport resources
  • Mentor new hires in air traffic controlling.
  • Comply with UK-CAA service bulletins and mandates.
  • Participate in team building exercise and mandated regular physical and medical check-ups.

2000 – 2004 :  Air Traffic Services Assistant, Luton Airport

  • Provide support for air traffic controllers
  • Learn all that is needed to progress to air traffic controller position.
  • Perform task as delegated by the lead air traffic controller.


2000 – 2005

Various certificated in-house training, National Air Traffic Control Services

1995 – 2000

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautic Engineering, Leeds Metropolitan University

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