AI Development Engineer CV Example

Reporting to the lead AI engineer, AI development engineers helps drive all aspects of an excellent game’s AI needs. An AI Development engineer will spend time in the office, working alongside the team every day, writing codes, leading by example, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in video games

AI Development Engineer CV Example

Humphrey E. Cavendish

George Square


Phone: 89-878-47


Career Objectives:

I am a professional who excels in the field of Information Technology. I am concentrated on applying those skills to further cultivate my stored knowledge and skills on the field that I want to fully dedicate my time with. Specifically speaking, I have a strong C/C++, OO and 3D Math Skills. I have also the exceptional ability to create, design, and implement game AI that can contribute to AAA story driven 3rd person action titles. Apart from that, I am perfectly able to write codes that are clean, robust, clear and maintainable. One of my greatest advantage among many others is that I can iterate and prototype often and in a quick manner.

Professional Experience:

2001-2009: Stanford Studios

?  Contributed innovative, original/unique, ideas to the company. (A proof of certificate can be issued)

?  Efficiently optimizing the AI pipeline and associated data formats for size and performance every now and then.

?  Have conceived, designed and implemented unique and high-quality AI systems, including advanced Character and AI Vehicle like what you see in the game “ Gaia: 21st century.

1996-2000 Fearless Freaks

?  Collaborated with celebrated designers, animators and other engineers to create and implement a breakthrough in the gaming industry.

?  Bug fixed dozens of games before their launching day with extreme caution and resulted to flawless pieces.

?  Received “AI Developer Engineer of the month” for 3 consecutive years.

Educational Qualification:

1990-1994: Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Engineering or ITE, Bangor University

1994-1995: Masters in IT Engineering, Bangor University








Muriel Salisbury

Bangor University


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