Advertisement Management CV Example

Advertising management manages the collection and creation of advertisements and their outreach to the masses through various forms of media. It is in short taking forward the advertisements in the eyes of the masses.

The management supervises the ad collection and sends them to the creative department for their creation. They then through the various media forms, viz. print, television (broadcast) or through radio etc. launches them into the reach of the masses

Advertising Management CV Example

Michael Bolt

Lincoln Road

Germany -5683

Phone: 254-75-975

Career Objective:

Seeking a good post as an ad manager to foresee the working and administration of an ad agency. I have proved successful in creating new business corporations and can maintain positive relations with popular brands and organizations. I have the ability to handling product campaigns for clients effectively.


Professional Qualifications

2003-2005: Advertising Solutions, Media Buying Officer

  • Managed deployment of staff during heavy rush of ad campaigns.
  • Allotted space for the advertisements of the clients and managed reports and records of them.
  • Implement, develop, and manage advertising strategy of the company.
  • Handled the payment transactions of the agency and evaluated the space maintenance issues.


2005-Present: Ad Mail Agency, Creative Manager

  • Handled creative department and also recruitment of new creative concept designers.
  • Improvised new designs for new creations.
  • Conducted creative sessions with new designers and creators for their benefit.



Bachelors in Advertisement Manipulation, Well Media Institute.


Masters in Advertising Management, Wells Media Institute.



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Professional reference will be furnished upon request



Advertising CV

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