A Mental Health Nurse CV Example

A mental health nurse is responsible for dealing with patients who have behavioral problems and personality disorders. Their job is very challenging and requires a lot of patience.

Mental health nurses are responsible for monitoring the patient’s behavior, maintain their personal hygiene and understanding and taking care of their needs. They are also required to deal with the family members of the patient to advice and make them understand the patient’s behavior.

A mental health nurse must have specialization in areas like mental health and psychology besides being a trained and experienced nurse. A mental health nurse CV example is given below.

Sample Mental Health Nurse CV Example

Personal details :

Name – Miss Liza D. Clark

Address – 35, St. Helena Road

245 A Park Mansion, New Jersey – 788J-2358

Contact Number – 979-009-2384

E mail id- liza@gmail.com

Date of birth – 03.04.1986

Gender : Female

Marital status : Single

Personal Summary :

I am a trained nurse with an experience of 6 years in this field. I am devoted to my profession. I have the expertise and technical knowledge of medication and treatment for people with mental illness. I am trained in mental health awareness.

Knowledge & Skills :

  • I have knowledge in all types of mental illness.
  • I am a good observer and listener.
  • I can communicate well.
  • I have good people skills.
  • I am responsible and dependable.
  • I am very well organized.
  • I am capable of multitasking

Education & Training :

2002- 2005 : Graduated from Colorado International University, Colorado

June 2005- July 2006: Diploma in Mental Health and Awareness from RMC Medical College.

Work Experience :

  • May 2006-May 2007 – Worked as an assistant nurse in KMD Hospital, New York.
  • June 2007 – Present – Worked as a nurse in psychiatric wards of JP Clinic of Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences.

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