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Web Development CV Examples

Web development CVs are documents which are framed by persons wishing to enter the software industry in the specific capacity of web developers. They must be trained for the job and they must also possess reasonable expertise in it. Hence, the academic background and the professional work experience of web developers must be reflected in […]

SEO Consultant CV Example

Optimizing the design and coding of existing and new webpages to have a high page ranking in search engines is the responsibility of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional.  The work can also bring him to online reputation or image management for various commercial brands as well as celebrities and government personages. SEO Consultant CV […]

Web Developer Programmer CV Example

From the design blueprint containing client specifications and the web designer’s technical directive, the Web Developer/Programmer codes the design into a working web page model that can already be uploaded online with the proper DNS, but not before client approval.  Using basic HTML, or the more powerful PHO, ASP and Pearl scripting tools, the web […]

Web Designer CV Example

Web pages are a product of a multidisciplinary effort from creative conceptualization, multimedia integration, programming, content copyrighting, database design and SEO.  The Web designer specifies all these elements based on client requirements to create the blueprint for a working prototype webpage for client approval. Web Designer CV Example Donald K. Osborne Lord St., Liverpool Phone:  […]

Web Design Director CV Example

Every web development design house has a team of concept designers, graphic artists and programmers who are managed by the Web Design Director tasked with managing multiple concurrent web development projects.  Each project is expected to produce prototype and final webpage content for the client.  They contain the creative and interactive elements, along with any […]