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ICU Nurse CV Example

ICU nurses, also known as Critical Care nurses are responsible for taking care of critically ill patients. These types of nurse’s works in various different types of special units as per their requirements. The ICU nurses are certified nurses with good experience and impressive skill sets. The ICU Nurse CV should be drafted in such […]

In CVs as in suits: The importance of tailoring

When you’re sending out a lot of CVs and job applications at once, it can be tempting to save time by using one, catch-all CV. However, when competition for jobs is high you can’t afford to let your attention to detail slip. Begin thinking of your CV like you would a good suit: it ought […]

Wedding Planner/Consultant CV Example

Wedding planners are also known as wedding consultants who handle the planning and execution of a wedding event in various levels of detail depending on customer requirements.  The profession has become indispensable in today’s busy lifestyles for either partner who hardly has the time to go over the details of the wedding.  The wedding planner […]

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