Category: Transportation CV’s

Transportation CV Examples

How to create a Transportation CV The transportation field is a vast one covering the various modes of transport and their services. It also includes managing the travelling services and the delivery of goods through these transportation modes. Knowledge of the transportation field is an important factor necessary for the applicant. This is necessary for […]

Lead Chauffeur CV Example

Chauffeurs are drivers who drive the cars owned by hotels, car rental firms, cruise terminals, big organizations, airports or wealthy individuals. The Chauffeurs drive various different types of cars ranging from small cars to sedan to limousines.  Lead chauffeurs usually work as drivers for high class and the rich people and thus they need have […]

Train Driver CV Example

A train driver is an individual who drives a train and ensures that the trains leave as well as reach a certain destination on time. A train driver may drive a passenger train or a locomotive train locally, nationally as well as internationally. The train driver CV should showcase the skill sets, educational qualifications as […]

Ambulance Driver CV Example

An ambulance driver is an individual who drives an ambulance for a hospital, medical service center or an ambulance service provider. The person applying for the position of an ambulance driver should have fast and tactful driving skills along with a great presence of mind. The ambulance driver CV should be impressive as that is […]

Van Driver CV Example

A van driver is an individual who specializes in driving a van which may be for personal use or commercial use. A van driver CV helps the candidate to bring forward his skills sets and experience in front of the prospective employer for getting the job. Sample Van driver CV example Personal details: Name: Tony […]

Forklift Driver CV Example

A forklift driver, also addressed as a forklift operator is an individual who specializes in transferring heavy loads of raw materials, manufactured goods  or industrial products in a factory, warehouse, shipyard, construction sites or an industry.  The Forklift driver CV is an ideal way of communicating with the prospective employer so that the employer gets […]

Car Driver CV Example

A car driver is an individual who is the profession in driving a car, which may be used for a private purpose or may be for commercial purpose. A car driver CV is used by the candidates to showcase their driving skills as well as their experience so as to get the job of a […]

Truck Driver CV Example

A truck driver CV example is the resume of an individual who wants to work as a truck driver for various different organizations.  The candidates working at this position needs to have work experience of handling heavy duty vehicles and should have good road sense. All the needed skills sets and experience should be mentioned […]

Pizza Delivery Driver CV Example

A pizza delivery CV is the resume of an individual working in a Pizza outlet in the position of a pizza delivery boy or girl. Whenever a pizza needs to be delivered at the consumer’s place, the pizza delivery boy is given the responsibility to do so. A pizza delivery driver should have good sense […]

Delivery Driver CV Example

A delivery driver CV is the CV of an individual who wants to work in the position of a delivery driver in an organization. A delivery driver needs to deliver goods or products of an organization from one place to another and the work type requires the individual to do lots of travelling. The CV […]