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Telecom CV Examples

How to create a Telecom CV Telecom CV is applicable for telecommunications jobs which include communication with the people. Telecom jobs like interacting with clients and solving their queries. The telecom jobs require excellent communication skills and a pleasing personality. As the job requires solving the queries of the clients, the applicant should have efficient […]

Telephone Operator CV Example

The nature of the job of a telephone operator is to simply handle all phone calls in a professional and protocol manner. There are thousands of huge corporations that are always in need of operators for their daily business transactions, customer service and other business related products and services. Operators must be knowledgeable of answering, […]

Platform Manager CV Example

Candidates applying for this job must have skills and enough experience in power management for embedded services, and experience as well in board bring-up, bootloader, and writing linux device drivers such as Wi-fi, 12C etc and USB. One must also be well familiarized in working with TI AM, OMAP35XX and Freescale IMX3 platforms. Should also […]

Customer Service Representative CV Example

Customer service representative responsibilities are acting as an interface between both the customers and a certain company; they do this by attending to their remarks, queries and handling all of the consumer complaints. Large corporations, typically those operating in the field of finance, banking and insurance, felt the desire to put up call centers in several […]

Call Center Agent CV Example

Call center agents are classified into two parts, Inbound and Outbound. The general purpose of Inbound Calls is to take orders, answer inquiries, handle complaints, troubleshoot problems and provide information. Inbound agents must always be resilient and very customer friendly, and should have good listening and verbal skills at all times. Outbound agents on the […]

System Administrator CV Example

Candidates applying for this job will be responsible for maintaining the computer systems of a certain company. One of the primary responsibilities is server management, and is also required to be responsible for maintaining, installing and upgrading servers. One must also insure that all servers are backed up and running, and that all the servers […]

System Engineer CV Example

The responsibilities of a system engineer are to maintain and administrate infrastructure systems and business applications in all areas of data centers. Also must monitor and correct both software and hardware defects in order to fully provide optimum, highest uptime and continual usage for different business operations. To perform regular back ups and executing recovery, […]

Senior Telecom Engineer CV Example

The senior telecom engineer job demands full knowledge and experience on engineering and layouts, system design with contracting or consulting companies. Have worked with commissioning, field testing and project execution, and have complete knowledge in optical fiber transmission as well as multiplexing. Must be capable of handling the following: Voice switching, Key telephones system, PABX, […]

Technical Specialist CV Example

Candidates applying for this job must be capable of providing excellent support service through telecommunications, must have superb English communication skills. Should also be highly proficient in internet applications and more importantly computers, and must have enough experience as a technical support in any call center companies. Knowledgeable in troubleshooting is a big plus, must […]

Automation Engineer CV Example

An automation engineer is responsible for leading the in-house automation and designing the process improvement projects, and maintains the current developments in industrial automation. Introduce them to different plant wide operations to be able to achieve cost savings and more importantly to improve productivity. Updates all the company’s files and documents as well as keeping […]