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Security CV Examples

How to create a Security CV Security CV covers the field of providing security to the people.  This job requires the responsibility of timely detection of unusual events, prevention, observation, and reporting. The person has the duty of protecting people, assets, or property.  Alertness is important to detect and take action on inappropriate or illegal actions […]

Security Specialist CV Example

Security Specialists provide their expertise to companies or individual clients on a short and long term basis develop security systems for their needs. They generally work as outside independent service providers on a freelance or structured retainer basis. Security Specialists are assigned to a specific project to assist companies or individuals with their security needs […]

Security Assistant CV Example

Security Assistants work with the security staff and personnel in ensuring peace and safety in areas and premises of responsibility.  They assist in making round checks within the vicinity and report any untoward incidents or suspicious situations to the security guards.  They act as small investigators for theft, cheating, vandalism and others and ensure that […]

Security Contractor CV Example

Security Contractors are companies or groups that provide security services in the form of teams or individual guards to work for an office, home or any establishment.  They provide the necessary personnel according to the needs of the clients based on a certain length of time.  They enter into contracts with clients for the personnel […]

Security Consultant CV Example

Security Consultants provide their expertise to companies on a short and long term basis, hired for their ability to contribute strategic insights and intelligence to help the overall company team effort to develop security systems. They generally work as outside independent service providers on a freelance or structured retainer basis. Security consultants are assigned to […]

Security Sales Manager CV Example

Security Sales Managers are supervise the sale of security devices, equipment and tools needed by people for their homes, offices and other premises.  They ensure that clients get the exact products according to their specific needs.  They also ensure that their shops or stalls generate the most profit by offering additional services such as free […]

Security Guard CV Example

Art lecturers work in colleges and universities offering degrees and programs in the field of arts.  Art lecturers may work as full-time professors for the university or may offer their services to give lectures on particular topics.  They prepare lectures, lesson plans, and teaching aids based on the course and the level of students.  Art […]

Security Officer CV Example

Security Officers are responsible for ensuring the safety of the premises of commercial areas, establishments and institutions from any intrusions or possible criminal activities.  They monitor the entrance of people and visitors to in a building and keep track of those who might be suspiciously up to doing no good.  Security Officers guard premises from […]

Data Security Officer CV Example

Data Security Officers are responsible for the physical security of the assets and data of a business or organization.  They make sure that all software and hardware containing all vital information and data necessary and significant to the operations of the business are in good safekeeping. To do so, Data Security Officers must be able […]

Corporate Security Officer CV Example

Corporate Security Officers guard the premises and area of an establishment or institution’s building.  They make sure that the facility is safe from vandalism, theft and hazards of natural causes.  They work for hospitals, shopping centers, government offices, clubs and other.  Corporate Security Officers may either work on foot and armed or work in an […]