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Research CV Examples

How to create a Research CV A research CV should include the research works of the applicant. For the research post, the working experience and the projects covered form a major part in determining his appointment. The CV should clearly mention the qualifications if the applicant. Qualifications play another important part showing the knowledge of […]

Research Development Manager CV Example

Research Development Managers are responsible for keeping track of the developments happening in a research being undertaken.  They constantly coordinate with all members of the research team from different sections to ensure that the operations are implemented on schedule and are garnering the expected outputs.  They involve themselves in the planning and evaluation of the […]

Clinical Research Manager CV Example

Clinical Research Managers assume overall responsibility and supervision for the clinical research being undertaken by a company.  They ensure that all activities and operations fall within the protocols and regulations regarding health and rights infringement.  To maintain the accuracy of the research, Clinical Research Managers coordinate the smooth monitoring of all tests and direct all […]

Clinical Research Assistant CV Example

Clinical Research Assistants help in all aspects of the clinical research. They make follow-up calls and preparations necessary to ensure that the workers who work in clinical trials are in good health conditions and that they are prepared to take the procedures of the tests or trial.  Clinical Research Assistants may be involved in the […]

Clinical Research Coordinator CV Example

Clinical Research Coordinators communicate and interact with the different departments, sections and government institutions to make a research successful.  They ensure that the workers who work in clinical trials are in good health conditions and that they are prepared to take the procedures of the tests or trial.  Clinical Research Coordinators also supervise staff involved […]

Clinical Research Associate CV Example

Clinical Research Associates are involved in the clinical trial process because they ensure that all processes and experimentations are done efficiently and accurately.  They also have the responsibility to ensure that no harm or infringement of human rights or animal rights is being violated during the trial process. Clinical Research Associates must have background in […]

Research Technician CV Example

Research Technicians work with scientists and researchers on projects and studies that they are doing.  They provide recording and monitoring assistance during experiments and field work.  They also are sometimes tasked to work in laboratories by doing some experiments.  Research Technicians must have the ability to be keen observers and give attention to details.  They […]

Operations Research Analyst CV Example

Operations Research Analysts are responsible for formulating and applying models and methods to develop and interpret data and information from the operations of a specific company, organization or institution.  They use statistical analysis, data mining, stimulation, computer modelling, programming and other mathematical and analytical techniques.  Operations Research Analysts determine the inventory and operations procedures that […]

Research Fellow CV Example

Research Fellows are highly qualified professionals who have finished their doctorate degrees in their respective fields.  They are responsible for strengthening and expanding existing research programs that are necessary to develop a company’s degree offerings, product services and other marketing or business operations.  They must be able to develop proposals for external funding and write […]

Market Research Analyst CV Example

Market Research Analysts are responsible for interpreting data, formulating reports and making recommendations to the management in terms of marketing strategies and the market situation.  They apply research methods such as quantitative and qualitative devices to produce an accurate and efficient conclusion to problems posed.  Market Research Analysts draft recommendations and give possible processes to […]